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Numerous excursions are possible around Tarimbang. Partially they are feasible on foot, partly with vehicle. In any case you should do these tours with a guide. Otherwise you can get lost. Just ask me a day before.

Mambang Bay
This bay is one of the most beautiful bays and beaches of Sumba. On the way there are beautiful views of the respective bays. Partly it goes through the jungle on barely recognizable paths. It is a day tour of 15 kilometres with a 500 meter climb in total. If you have a tent, you could also stay overnight on the beach in Mambang.

Kabubul Waterfall

This is a bewitched rather unknown waterfall, which is in no way inferior to other well-known waterfalls in Sumba. You go a small driveway parallel to the river, past some villages, and later on paths (which could possibly even be travelled by motorcycle). It is a day tour of 15 kilometres with a 200 meter climb in total. Alternatively, Kabubul can also be reached from the main road to Tarimbang. From there it is 5 kilometres with a 400 meter climb in total.

Pindu Hurani Village and Bay

This is the neighbour village and bay eastwards. After climbing up the eastern flank of the Tarimbang bay, the path leads over a jungle path to the village and down to the sandy but rough beach. It is a great landscape, currently not yet navigable roads lead there. It is a day tour of 12 kilometres in total with 250 meters ascent.

Other Waterfalls

Other day trips can be arranged by car or motorbike. Here you can see pictures of the waterfall Laputi and Laiwi:

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