The Wave and the Sea

The surfing area - Miller's Right is on the right (west side) of the bay. The wave begins to break in the west and sometimes takes up to 45 seconds to disappear in the sea just in the middle of the bay. You have to paddle out for a while until you reach it. The wave from the left (east side) is not suitable for surfing. The waves can be seen well from the “Praing Ngalung Spot” 3.5 Kilometres up the road at an altitude of 300 meters. From July to September, the waves are the strongest.
If the surf is not too strong, you can also snorkel preferably at the east side of the bay. At low tide you can walk along the shore as far as possible. Then go into the water and snorkel back with the incoming tide to the shore. 
Other sports options are fishing from the beach, preferably at the eastside of the bay or far out with a sampan rented.
Horseback riding along the beach can also be arranged.

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