Around Tarimbang Village

Our homestay is located in the village of Tarimbang, just behind the church. The village is very widespread. A ring road leads you around it. The beach is within hearing distance. Several paths take you there through dense tropical vegetation. The bay is semi-circular with a diameter of 2 km, beautiful surf and clear water, bounded by rocks. Along the beach, at low tide, it is 6 kilometres from one end of the beach to the other.

Tarimbang is located behind the jungle zone in the estuary delta of a river. In the plain you can orientate yourself well alone. In the dry season, the trails are short - in the monsoon season you have to circle the rice fields and meanders to reach the other end of the bay. Upriver are some Marapu villages and a dam to control the irrigation of the delta. Climbing up the surrounding hills you have beautiful views of the dreamlike bay everywhere.