Marthen Homestay Tarimbang Beach

25 years ago, the first tourists came to Tarimbang. They were surfers. They came down with horses, because there were no roads yet. There were also no accommodations so they had to sleep at the beach in their boardbags. They called the wave Miller's Right.

My name is Marthen. Together with some of these surfers we decided to build a homestay: Marthen’s Homestay.

Today you can get to Tarimbang on paved but not really consistently good roads. For private cars it takes not much more than 2 hours from Waingapu, 3 hours from Waikabubak and 4 hours from Tambolaka. It takes longer to go by bus ...

Today not only surfers but also quite normal tourists come to us. It's not just the wave that's worth the trip! There is the magical halve moon shaped bay with the fine sandy beach and clear water. It is unique in the world, as I had been told. All around the bay are dense jungles, waterfalls and small rarely visited traditional villages.

Have a look! My family and I are waiting for you. We provide you accommodations of different standard and we prepare delicious food for you!! Just feel like at home ... or even a bit better!!